Monday, April 20, 2009

Confinement Ladies Contact @ Malaysia

Glad that I found this! Reference for the mommies or mom-to-be...

1.Siew Ying (Age 50+) h/p: 017-2496998 
2.Har Jie (Jinjang, KL) h/p: 012-9318072 * 
3.Foong Jie h/p: 012-4380925 
4.Yook Jie h/p: 012-6872988 
5.Kam Jie (Shah Alam) h/p: 016-2665336 
hse: 03-51213515 OR son's h/p: 012-2693155 
6.Yoong Jie h/p: 016-3408133 * 
7.Ying Jie h/p: 016-9589324 
8.Mdm. Ong h/p: 012-4639108 hse: 05-8483133 (wz bad comments) 
9.Ah Foong Jie h/p: 016-2200995 
10.Mdm. Pang (Melaka) h/p: 012-9722368 hse: 06-3367949 * 
11.Lan Jie hse: 03-41495217 
12.Mdm. Wong Swee Yong (Bentong) hse: 09-2221099 
13.Aunty Qiu Ju (JB) hse: 07-7553906 
14.Nyme Jie (5th Sis) (Sitiwan) hse: 05-6919079 
15.Mrs. Ngiam h/p: 019-7580034 
16.Wu Shen (Age 50+) h/p: 012-6613114 
17.Aunty Ah Kiaw (Lim Sui Tew) (Sg. Petani) hse: 04-4424489 OR Son's h/p: 012-4525343 
18.Sally Lim (Confinement House) h/p: 016-3571929 hse: 03-42974371 
19.Jin Liang (金娘) Melaka h/p: 016-6110339 

Wishing All Mommies or Mom-to-be enjoy the motherhood.


Pls read comment from KX! 


KX said...

Dear reader,

Just to gave some comment on one CL up there. One of the CL listed there are irresponsible.

I help my fren get this list and called one by one. Ends up >> unluckily get this CL who at the beginning says ok to take the job..But on the day my friend's delivery, she told that she is sick..But actually we get from the replacement that she want to help his relative so reject out of sudden.. Really cant accept such a way she do things

Anyone would like to know who please email to me and I will point it good to make it public. All the best

~yw said...

Thanks KX for your note!

I'll email to you... I want to know who is the person and remove her from the list.

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