Friday, February 27, 2009

Metamorphosis ~ Healing Prenatal Memories

Metamorphosis ~ Healing Prenatal Memories

Metamorphosis is a technique used to heal and recall in-utero trauma, to help energize the womb during pregnancy, and to assist child development.

It is best described as a meditative experience of regressing into body memories from conception to birth. There is no verbal memory of these experiences, but they are recorded in the memory bank of the body.

This tool works effectively for adults, children and babies, to get to the roots of armoring and life patterns which originated in the womb. The trauma from conception to birth can be indicated by:

- Feeling anxious, sad, scared, depressed all their lives and not knowing why
- Feeling unwanted or never having bonded
- Children or adults having developmental problems
- May be useful for individuals with history of abuse, help them recover a place of safety or to process and integrate the experience of having been an unwanted child.

蜕变  康 复 胚 胎 记 忆

- 有生以来无明地感到焦虑、悲伤、恐惧、忧郁
- 感到被遗弃或从未建立亲子关系
- 小孩或成人拥有成长发育障碍
- 可能有助于帮助被虐待受害者,让他们恢复安全感,或整合与化解遭受厌弃的童年经历

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