Friday, February 27, 2009

Butterfly Touch Massage (蝴 蝶 按 摩)

It was founded by Dr. Eva Reich in 1950s, to help premature baby survive and to help mother/fathers and baby bond. Later, this technique evolved and can be used for all aged group for healing and personal growth . As the name suggest , this technique is inspired by the gentle way one might hole a butterfly so that the scales do not come off your fingers, and by the rhythmic grace of the butterfly’s movement during flight. This gentle touch invites the energy of the person receiving it to expand outward so that he/she might experience life richly.

Eva learnt from her father, Wilhelm Reich that at the core of all of us is our life force. This life force pulsates, expands and contracts. However, this natural flow gets blocked as the result of trauma and the building of protective armor. Reich demonstrated that stroking the skin lightly results in the expansion of the life energy, while probing forcefully caused the energy to contract inside.

Eva observed that light stroking melts tension,healed trauma, and resulted in the life energy flowing from the core to the surface and beyond.

This gentle touch is particularly useful for:

Birth, babies and children:
· Help mother relax during birth and restore her energy after birth
· Help baby’s energy to expand after birth to integrate birth experience
· Help mother/father and baby/child to bond
· Repair bond if mother and baby separated
· Help adopted children to heal and bond
· Relax colicky babies
· Calm hyper children i.e. to sleep

· Melt Armor
· Heal the memory of primal trauma
· Restore energy after accident/illness
· Comfort patient in hospice
· Soothe animals
· Promote bonding for couples, parents and children
· Primal injury in adults including birth injury or being as an unwanted baby
· Effective in helping abused individuals to feel safe being touched
· Relieve stress

This simple, yet profound technique is gentle and non-invasive. It will not tend to activate any history of abuse and will help both physical and emotional primal trauma.

蝴 蝶 按 摩
1950年,Dr.Eva Reich为了提高早产儿的存 活率和帮助父母亲与婴儿建立亲子关系,独创了蝴蝶按摩方。 后来,她逐渐改进这个方法, 让各年龄层的人士都能从中得到疗效及个人的提升。 这方法的名称源自蝴蝶,蝴蝶飞翔时的优美韵 律 以及按摩时就像是轻柔地握着蝴蝶但不会使蝴蝶的麟脱落一样。 这轻柔的接触将他/她的生命能量向外扩大,让他/她能更加丰富地体验人生。

Eva从她的父亲 Wilhelm Reich那儿了解,生命力对我们所有人而言是最关键的。 这股生命力一直在脉动、扩展和收缩。 但是由于创伤而立起的自我 保护围墙却会阻碍这个自然的过程。Reich证明了轻柔地轻拂皮肤会让生命能量扩展, 而强硬的施压方式却会让生命能量萎缩。



生产时的产妇、婴儿和儿童· 帮助产妇在生产时放松并在产后恢复能量
· 帮助初生婴儿提升能量,以缓解出生时的不适感
· 帮助母亲/父亲和初生婴儿/孩子建立亲子关系
· 帮助修复离散的母亲与婴儿之间的关系
· 帮助被领养的孩子治疗创伤和建立亲子关系
· 让腹部绞痛的婴儿放松
· 舒缓过动儿的情绪,让他们容易入眠

治疗· 溶化身心“围墙”
· 对原始创伤释怀
· 发生意外/生病后恢复能量
· 为住院病人提供抚慰
· 安定动物情绪
· 促进伴侣/父母和孩子的感情
· 成人原始的创伤,包括出世时的创伤/被父母遗弃的创伤
· 帮助被虐待受害者在被触碰时感到放心 纾解压力


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