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[Lapis Lazuli Light] Electricity: A Source of Trouble?

Electricity: A Source of Trouble?

A discussion on how electricity and televisions, computers, microwave ovens and mobile phones can interfere with life and bio-electromagnetic fields.
In this modern world, we are fully dependent on electricity, whether in our residence, work place, or leisure activities. Our environment is permeated with various kinds of invisible electromagnetic waves, from 50 Hz (frequency of fifty cycles per second) to 60 Hz, to microwaves (frequency of billions of cycles per second) such as that used in broadcast, telecast, mobile phones, and military radars. These are a million times above the natural fields of the earth.

A hundred years ago, the earth's electromagnetic waves were entirely natural, and were restricted to those from the sun, stars, and moon. However, smart scientists such as Edison, Telsta, and others changed all these. After the Second World War, there was a rapid increase in the use of electricity and electromagnetic communication systems. Electrical signals have reached the outer space, and man-made satellites beam radio waves at every surface of the earth every hour to collect data. The number of radio stations and TV stations continue to increase. These days, we can even have our own broadcast stations (in the form of mobile phones)!

What is the impact of artificial electromagnetic waves on humans? Robert Becker, M.D., summarizing many years of research, concludes that artificial electromagnetic waves can lead to abnormalities in living organisms.

During the Second World War, the military found that personnel in charge of radar, their bodies would heat up. They realized then microwave has the ability to generate heat, and this led to the production of microwave ovens for use in the kitchens. Many people may be unaware of their harm. After the Second World War, scientists found that although exposure to low levels of microwaves would not generate heat in animals, but these animals developed cataracts within a short period of exposure (within a few days or a month). This is because the retina is most sensitive to heat.

In 1953, a doctor working in an airplane plant found 75 to 100 workers, with prior exposure to low levels of microwave, had bleeding tendency, leukemia or brain tumors. Other research shows that electromagnetic waves of frequencies up to 27 MHz can cause the chromosomes in garlic seedlings to undergo abnormal changes. In 1983, the US FDA's research showed that microwave exposure could harm the sperm production of rats. Male rats with half-an-hour non-thermal microwave exposure for two weeks had their sperm production reduced and their chromosomes altered. When they mated with female rats that had no prior microwave exposure, the incidence of miscarriages greatly increased.

Between 1953 to 1977, the American embassy in Russia had microwave interference of about 5 uW/cm2 that was 0.05% of the level allowed by the US military. Of the three ambassadors staying at the embassy during this period, two died of cancer, and one of leukemia. The staff working at the embassy had abnormal levels of eye and skin infections, and suffered from depressions, irritations, lack of appetite, and attention deficit. Their children had anemia, heart problems, and infections of the respiratory and ears.

The genetic impact of microwaves can be seen from another example. Vernon, a small city in New Jersey, has a population of 25,000 people, but it has so many microwave stations that it ranks fifth in the entire USA, after New York, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco. The proportion of mentally retarded children there is 1000 times that of the national average. In a 1985 report (Ruey Lin), it was pointed out that naval radar officers were more likely to contract brain tumors than those that were not exposed to microwave. Two cancer doctors, Margaret Spitz and Christine Cole, found that children, whose parents were exposed to electronics at work, were more likely than others to have brain tumors before the age of two. They also found that exposure to everyday AC electricity caused harm to sperms and chromosomes.

In a 1983 report, Dr Nordstrom from Sweden found that workers in a high-pressure cable car factory were more likely to have deformed children than others, and their white blood cells and chromosomes were also abnormal.

In summarizing fifty years of research materials, Dr Becker concludes that various kinds of electromagnetic waves can have seven effects on humans and living organisms:

Influence cell growth, e.g., increase the growth of cancer cells;
Increase the incidence of certain types of cancer occurrences;
Induce change in fetal growth;
Change neural and chemical hormonal secretions and production in the body, which may lead to behavioral changes such as suicidal tendencies;
Change the biological rhythm of living organisms;
Modify the body's reaction to stress, and lead to deterioration in immune system; and
Reduce learning ability.
The following are measures to prevent or respond to the threat of electromagnetic waves:

There are up to 8 kind of electromagnetic waves emitted by television and computers, including microwaves and X-rays. Other than reducing contact with these sources (e.g., television), careful selection of computers can help. For example, choose computers that meet TCO standards set in Sweden. Install a screen on the monitor that filters both low and high frequency emissions. Cover the computer casing using copper sheets. When using the computer, it is best to wear natural fabrics like cotton and wool, or wear fabrics with peat-moss. This has the ability to protect one's life force, and effectively prevent harm from electromagnetic waves, particularly when it is wrapped in layers with organic fabric, and placed on the three chakra points located on the head, on the third eye, and below the naval.

Several researchers have found that electricity causes the greatest harm to the brain, but they did not know why. I have discovered from my experience and observation that electromagnetic waves interfere with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. These chakras can be protected by products containing peat-moss. In addition, it is helpful to harmonize one's "qi" to recover. For details, please refer to the November 2000 issue of "Lapis Lazuli Light Magazine".

Mobile phones are the source of microwave and electromagnetic waves, with frequencies exceeding that of computers and high-density cables. A mobile phone placed on the ear will expose the body to microwaves of more than 100 mW per square centimeter. At 5 feet, there is exposure of a 1 mW/cm, which is a hundred times the safety limit set by Russia. When I walk on the street and see people using mobile phones, I feel sad for humanity and their descendants. Do you want to pay for convenience with your life? Mobile phones are best used only in emergency, and not for everyday use. In particular, do not use mobile phones next to a child. Again, "qi" harmonization will also help.

Choose a diet that strengthens and heals the body. This kind of food includes green vegetable juices, carrot juice, naturally pickled vegetables, wheat grass, organic food, Vitamin C (with bioflavanoids-orange and lemon skins are rich in these), and seaweed (take a few helpings a week). Exercising out of doors on a regular basis to discharge static electricity in the body. When doing so, it is best to wear straw sandals or cloth shoes. At night, avoid using the computer, watch television, or use the mobile phone. This is because it will be hard to go out to discharge static electricity at night. Another reason is that one's "qi" is weaker at night, and be harmed more.

In conclusion, we should begin to change our lifestyles, and put priority on our health.


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到底人造電磁波對人的身心到底有什麼樣的影響?貝克醫生(Robert Becker﹐M.D.)總結科研多年的觀察是,人為電磁波會造成生物生理功能的不正常。




微波對遺傳的干擾可從另一個例子看出。在紐澤西州的一個小城Vernon人口數僅二萬五千而已,但其微波轉送台的數量卻高居美國第五,僅次於紐約、芝加哥、達拉斯和舊金山,那兒智障兒的比率是全美國平均值的一千倍,一九八五年的一項報導(Ruey Lin)指出,海軍雷達工作人員得腦瘤的比例超過沒有接觸微波的工作人員;安德森的癌症醫師Margaret Spitz和Christine Cole發現,父親工作上有電磁場干擾的兒女在二歲前罹患腦瘤的比例高於一般人,平常的交流電磁波對精子、染色體都有傷害。


1. 影響生長中的細胞,如增加癌細胞的分裂繁殖。
2. 增加某些癌症發病率。
3. 引起胚胎成長的變更。
4. 改變神經化學物的分泌和製造,引起行為上的改變,例如自殺。
5. 改變生物的規律。
6. 電磁波所引發身體對壓力的應變,造成免疫功能減退。
7. 學習能力減低。


一﹑電視、電腦所發射的電磁波和靜電、正離子等可多到八種,包括微波、X光和電磁波,除了減少接觸之外(如電視),在選購電腦時,選有合乎瑞典 T C O 標準的,電腦的螢幕可加上過濾高頻率和低頻率電磁波的屏幕(SCREEN),後面可用銅紙放在盒子裏遮蓋,操作的人最好穿著自然布料,如棉、毛等,或穿戴有泥煤苔保護的衣物。泥煤苔有保護生命場的作用,可有效防止電的傷害,特別是以有機布包很多層放在丹田部位、頂輪及第三眼部位。





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