Sunday, January 20, 2008

Joy of Cooking - creativity and awareness

[My favourite cookwares in my little corner.]

Many people regard cooking as a chore. But, I love cooking very much. For me, it's an very enjoy activity/hobby in putting things together in a creative ways. Whenever I am at home, you can find me in my kitchen after my morning meditation and Yoga practice. After a meal then I am excited to plan for the next meal. In the everning, I turn on soothing music and do 10-20 minutes of stretching to unknot the physical and mental kinks of my day. Then, I begin cooking dinner in a much brighter state of body and mind.

In my small but 'quite' cozy kitchen, it's fun making a delightful mess as I create food that full of colors and taste, truly divine medicine to nourish my body, mind and spirit. I like to experiment, my hubby always be my 'quinea pig'... His comments always remind me that I need to be more creative, I have more room for improvement. I can't really think of anything else when I am cooking. I need lot of concentration, passion, putting lot of love in it, to cook with feeling...

It's a luxury to be able to cook daily, but it's requires some energy and times. It's fun of making a meal and to be able to share it especially with my love one and my buddies which we are cooking/eating the same 'style'. We are the organic/holistic health maniac; taking the time to sit down for our 'Yoga' and 'health' discussion, eat and talk, make it a social event. Time flies so fast! The communal things is an important part of it..

Like yoga, cooking with an open mind is about letting go of fear and expectations. Trusting one's own experience and inner wisdom - Acceptance * Mindfulness * Practice. I realized that I could bring these lessons from my sticky mat into my kitchen, that I could experience true freedom in my cooking and let the food I prepare nourish and rejuvenate me on levels beyond the mere physical. True fitness isn't mean going to the gym a few times a week that I use to do previously. It's a matter of staying in touch with your body and honoring its needs for action/movement and for rest or meditation, throughout the day. I'm aware and conscious about it!

What to write next? I will share some wholesome recipes...


p/s: listening to one of my favourite relaxing piano music by Jean-Francois Maljeen (Piano & Sea)

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