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真气运行静坐 - Zhen Qi Yun Xing Meditation 17/06 – 28/06/2007

Hi there,

First of all, I must forward my sincere appreciation to my good friend, Bee Hong for her selflessly sharing all the time. I am really indebted to her for introduce me this course.

I am a Yoga practitioner since 2002. The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" meaning to yoke, join or unite. This implies joining or integrating all aspects of the individual – body with mind and mind with soul – to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life, and spiritually, then merging the individual soul with the universal soul.

In the modern world, most people define Yoga as the practise of body postures (asana) and very few will combined with the controlled breathing (pranayama). Yoga is a science of living with its "Eight Limbs of Yoga" set out in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra. Asana and pranayama constitute number three and four of the eight limbs. If one practise without the other seven discipline of Yoga, the asana become little
more then a fitness exercise. Therefore, Yoga has to be practised as a whole – the 8 limbs, i.e. (i) Yama – Social or ethical discipline or restraint [外在控制] ; (ii) Niyama - Individual Discipline [內在控制] ; (iii) Asana - Posture [體位法 ( 大家所知道的瑜珈動作)] ; (iv) Pranayama – Control of breath [呼吸/能量控制] ; (v) Pratyahara – Control of mind [感覺收斂] ; (vi)Dharana - Concentration [集中]; (vii) Dhyana –Mditation [禪定] and lastly,(viii) Samadhi – Superconscious state [三摩地].

Patanjali, the sage who formulated the Yoga system, the science of oneness, says that Pranayama is a step to be one with God. It enables one to switch off the five senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and sound and provides the concentration to enjoy divine presence.

This static 'Qi Gong' bears similarity with the pranayama philosophy posed by the Yoga master that I respect, Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar. In the Yoga scriptures, through asana we become more aware of our tangible self; through pranayama we learn to see the world within, to observe Life itself. It's an exercise without spending energy, and relaxation without any stimulation. It generates happiness and deters
the sensual objects from arising in the mind. It also regulates the thoughts, desires and action, gives poise and tremendous will power needed for self-mastery and self-healing power. It is the gateway to the deeper relaxation and meditation. It makes one steady and peaceful for achieving the pure consciousness stage of Samadhi.

Furthermore, so long as one is breathing, one is living and that when the breath stops life comes to an end. It has been proved beyond doubt that Pranayama (control of breath) is a very important means for preventing and curing many ailments. Breath and life go together. When any living being dies, breathing stops.

"If breathing stops, then each cell and tissue of the body which requires oxygen continuously for keeping on the process of oxidation in order to release energy stored in the end products of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, would be starved of oxygen. Lack of oxygen means no further oxidation, which means no supply of energy for the big-chemical process of living, and that inevitably results in the death of that cell or tissue. That is why life is solely dependent on breathing."
~ Dr.K.S.Joshi

At my core, I am a creative person that needs to be active physcally and mentally. This coupled with a need for movement and exploration has led to many adventures, all the while searching for clarity about life, the self, spirit and happiness. Yoga has proivded me with radiant health, comfort in my body and mind has cultivated happiness, joy, love and stability in my life by releasing the mental and emotional conditioning that previously blocked my contentment.

To be able to deeper my passion in Yoga, to be a better Yoga practitioner, I am much grateful that I have the chance to learn this 'Zhen Qi' method to further develop inner strength, as I do not have deep understanding and have not master my breath control before this.

I have lot of doubt. How to achieve full Yogic Breath for long life? Why so important of breathe through the 'tan tian'? Why should we breathe like a baby before birth, in the womb of its mother ? etc

'Naturally' (not man made!!!), this course helps to stimulate and increase my vital energy, ultimately bringing about prefect control overflow of Prana (breath, respiration, life, vitality, energy or strength) within the body, by moving the respiratory organs intentionally, intensively and rhythmically. I really found the
miracle of our breath through this course. The healing power is unbelievable. Amazing! I can't wait to share this to all my friends and family and every corner of the world, especially those that have serious health problem.

Thanks to Guru Chai, 蔡明霞心灵导师. What I am learning from her these 2 years especially Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra), Visualisation, Meditation etc are really useful in daily life especially when I'm learning this course. The Zhen Qi Guru Lim and wife Mdm Chong always emphasis to 'RELAX' and 'CONCENTRATE', in order to achieve the REN & Du meridians - "小周天". Do not lead the 'Qi', be patient! Once it's strong and mature, it will flow by itself to every part of your body. So, I'm able to get the 'Small Orbit Circulation' on the 4th day when a strong flow of 'Qi' flow all the way up to my spine and head. It's burning and my forehead was very tight and heavy. I feel like sweating. I got the 'Big Orbit Circulation' (大周天) on the 5th day when
the 'Qi' flow to my entire hand and leg.

When the mind is totally relax, you will feel your breath flow freely, naturally and smoothly, the warm 'Qi' passing through your entire body, the body is so light like a feather flying softly in the air, you hear nothing except your breath, you feel nothing except the 'Qi'. Feeling of lightness and falling down even you are sitting on a chair, but yet you can feel the warm and strong 'Qi' that holding you sitting
straight and up right like a strong and big tree. Sometimes, I feel myself very tall, sometimes very big and heavy... etc. In nutshell, the Zhen Qi lead me slowly to the meditate state. It's indeed amazing that sitting and breathing evenly can be a means of tapping deeper resources within us. The more I relax, concentrate and focus, the better the results. I was really enjoying that moment; the flow of the
'Qi' was most exhilarating! The feeling is simply unexplainable and beyond words!

Subsequently, the 'Qi' will flow naturally to the different part of the body that needs to be healed first. During the 1st step, when I were taught to focus on my solar plexus while breathing out. Slowly, the 'Qi' become very strong and it triggered my stomach. I feel very uncomfortable and it directs to the back of the spine, I feel burning and sharp pain like 'hit' by a sharp knife; I have lot of gas and keep burping. According to the Guru, it's a healing crisis. The 'Qi' was healing my stomach. True enough that my stomach feel well and no more burping now. After the second day till today, I can have my regular 'morning call' to toilet. The quantity is 2-3x compare to my normal quantity. On the 3rd and 5th day, I manage to pass out some 'fecal material' and toxins from the intestine without relying on any health products, which it can contribute to many other diseases in the long time! I am able to sleep throughout the night with no urination urge in between. Also, there is lot of improvement in my memory and alertness.

My body constitution is weak since born. I am weak and always 'visiting' Doctors. I have gastric problem (Indigestion, gas/flatulence, bloating) which cause my energy is reduced, constipation results of metabolic byproducts that aren't eliminated since young. I hope with further practice, I can get rid of the piles that have been carrying with me so long soon. Few years ago, I was in half year medication because I was affected by severe H. Pylory bacteria. I was given 2 courses of anti-biotic. Every time, when I went back to the specialist for check-up, I will be given lot of
medicine and sometimes the Dr will give injection to strengthen the stomach. Scary! So, I am phobia to look for Dr for their medication, pain killer, injection ie. morphine to release my severe gastric pain etc. Now, I always try to heal myself naturally and become a vegetarian.

As a vegetarian and Yoga practitioner, I always believe we must balance up "body+mind+spirit" for total health. I'm always seeking for holistic and natural cure. All these do improve my health problem but it's still not fully healed. I know I'm lack of knowledge in 'Qi'. So, I really benefit after the 'Zhen Qi' course substantially.

The uniqueness of this 'Zhen Qi Yun XIng' is that, each individual will have different 'feeling'; be it 'good' or 'bad' it reflects the body's current condition. Our 'Qi' have self healing power that is the wonder of our body! You might be doubt of what I have been sharing here, as we cannot see or touch the energy 'Qi'. It's intangible! Until you practice and achieve the energy flow yourselves.

Thanks to our 98 year olds Professor Lee Shao Po who rediscover and simplify the methodology to be able to grasp easily and benefit everyone in the shortest time. Also, I am grateful to Guru Lim and his wife, Mdm Chong for their passion and patient in teaching, lecturing, advice, guidance and selflessly sharing during this 12 day intensive course.

Now, I understood more about the 'control of breath' after seeking for an answer for so long since I started practice Yoga. I'll continue to practice to develop and harness my inner body 'Qi'. I believe, 'practice makes perfect'! Looking forward for a better health and overall well-being.

Last but not least, I must not forget to thanks my beloved hubby for being optimistic and supportive most of the time. Appreciate for his opinion, advice and guidance, to give me the freedom to do what I want, to achieve my passion in life. Thanks for your abundance of love, understanding, care, trust, torelance... Thanks for everything, I love you so much, my dear! *_^

More Info, pls visit:
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May All Be Well and Happy!


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