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Energy Medicine: 10 min daily routine for self care

Thanks to Dr Lai Chiu Nan (雷久南博士) for always learning and selflessly sharing all kind of holistic treatment/method/remedy to help people around the world to move on amidst the turbulent world, to save our mother Earth!

“Energy Medicine” – one of my bible by Donna Eden. (recommended by Dr Lai)

Does your energy seem chaotic, frenzied, and running backward? Perhaps it feels unbalanced, congested, stagnant, and without flow?

Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The most probable reason for this is your energy meridian system is running backward, and your Chakra's are stuck or spinning from the wrong direction.

The bad news is that modern life assaults you everyday with condition that tends to drain your energies and push them out of balance. Today's world opens us up to radiation and electromagnetic fields that scramble our energies: microwaves, non-nutritional food served through windows, TV's, modern medicine that give short-term relief may disorganize our energies and creates long-term problem, and pesticides, here to name a few. The good news is, you can reverse these disturbances in your human energy body using simple energy medicine techniques that foster your good health.

Your energy should be clear, rhythmic, flowing, pulsating, and humming. We just need to get your energy meridian system, and your Chakra's flowing in their normal, organic direction.

Read on and discover how you can do this, in ten minutes or less, with the Energy Medicine Daily Routine. I practice these (normally 1-4 and other ie. Rhythmic 8s, 'heaven & earth' etc) in the morning before I start my daily meditation & Yoga practise and for a quick pick-me-up whenever I feel my energy "slump." It is especially important for anyone who has an autoimmune disease—the thymus plays a vital role in the body's immune system.

1- The 3 Thumps

Figure 3, pg. 51 (Energy Medicine)

1a - Thump K-27 Points
These are the end points of the kidney meridians, the pathways of energy that begin under the ball of each foot, travel up the inside of the leg, up the front of the body, and end at the collarbone.

The K-27 points are just under the clavicle, or collarbone. To find them, place your fingertips on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone, right about where a man knots his tie. Then move your fingers out to each side and down about an inch. Most people have small depressions there. Stimulating these points clears reversals, which is important before beginning any energy intervention. It gets the energy flowing in a forward direction and jump-starts the energy system so we feel more alert and energetic.

Crossing your hands while thumping on the K-27 points is not essential but it has the added benefit of emulating the body's energies crossing at the neck. Keep thumping the K-27 points while taking three deep breaths.

• place your fingers in the area just under your collar bone (clavicle) and just outward from your breast bone
• tap or massage this area firmly, breathing deeply, for twenty seconds
• place the middle finger of one hand into your naval, the other hand spreads across the points that were just tapped
• gently pull up the finger that is in the naval, stretching the lower abdomen, and take three deep breaths

• energize you if you are feeling drowsy
• focus you if you are having difficulty concentrating

1b - Thymus Thump
According to Dr. John Diamond, author of Life Energy, the thymus gland controls the life energy of the body. The Greek word thymos actually means "life energy!"

• take your fingers of one or both hands and place them in the middle of the breast bone
• firmly tap this thymus point for about twenty seconds, breathing deeply

• stimulate all of your energies
• boost your immune system
• increase your strength and vitality

1c - Thump Spleen (Neurolymphatic ) Points
These points are part of the lymph system, which aids the immune system by removing toxins from the body. 
The spleen neurolymphatic points are the depression between the 7th and 8th rib, just below the level of the breastbone (sternum). Find the points by moving your hand beneath your breasts, straight under the nipples, then move them down over the next rib. (These points are not under the ribcage, that's going down too far).

Thumping the Spleen Neurolymphatic Reflex Points removes toxins, fights infection, modulates blood chemistry and hormones, counters dizziness and stress, synchronize body’s rhythms and helps metabolize food.

If these points are really sore, stimulate them by rubbing and the soreness should disappear in a few days. These points can be stimulates while taking three deep breaths, and even longer --- for two or three minutes at a time.”

• place your fingers on your rib cage under your chest or breasts
• firmly tap these spleen points for about 15 seconds, breathing deeply

• lift your energy level
• balance your blood chemistry
• strengthen your immune system

2 - Cross Crawl

"When energy is unable to cross over, it slows down dramatically. It begins to move in a homolateral pattern straight up and down the body and the body's ability to heal is severely diminished."
 - Donna Eden & David Feinstein, PhD

For full functioning, energy and information must flow naturally in a contralateral or cross-over pattern, i.e., from left brain to right-body, from right brain to left-body, weaving unhindered from side to side. When you've been in a stationary position for a while, your body's energy flow may shift temporarily to a HOMOLATERAL energy-flow pattern. So…? You feel physically stumbly and mentally bumbly!

If I have been seated at the computer for hours, or even in my easy chair, my thinking becomes sluggish, I move awkwardly when I stand, and my energy feels low. When I first rise in the morning, my gait is lumbering and I'm poorly coordinated. That's because my energy flow is homolateral. It's as though my only energy source is two columns of feeble AAA batteries, one running up the left side of my body, the other up the right, with no energy contacts between.

Persons who are wheel-chair bound or who suffer enduring or recurring fatigue-type illness often develop a chronic homolateral energy-flow pattern (Eden, 1998).

Tap your K-27 points to ensure your energies are traveling in the natural direction then start the cross crawl for about a minute.

• while standing, lift your right arm above your head
• simultaneously, lift your left leg off the floor, bending it at the knee
• when bringing your right arm down, take your left arm above your head
• simultaneously, lift your right leg off the floor, bending it at the knee
• repeat the above steps in an exaggerated march, breathing deeply for about one minute

Cross Crawl when seated
Even when seated, you can do a Cross-Crawl movement by lifting your knees alternately, and touching each raised knee with the opposite hand or elbow. Persons with chronic-fatigue and those who have experienced head trauma seem to benefit from regular cross-over exercise.

If you're in a situation or condition which makes doing the physical Cross Crawl action impossible, just imagine it! See yourself walking energetically with arms swinging. Visualize yourself skating rhythmically, or cross-country skiing! Such imaging calls your body to remember the fluid grace and integrity of contralateral energy flow.

• feel more balanced
• think more clearly
• improve your coordination
• harmonize your energy

3 - Wayne Cook Posture

• sit in a chair with your spine straight
• place your right ankle onto your left thigh, just above the knee
• with your left hand, grasp hold of your right ankle
• with your right hand, wrap it around the ball of your right foot
• as your breathe in slowly through your nose, expand and lift your torso, and pull your bent right leg toward you
• exhale, relaxing your torso and right leg
• repeat five times
• repeat the above sequence crossing the left leg over your right leg
• once complete, uncross your legs and place your feet on the floor
• place your finger tips together forming the shape of a pyramid
• rest your thumbs on the area between your eyebrows
• as your breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, separate your thumbs across your forehead, stretching the skin
• bring your thumbs back between the eyebrows
• slowly bring your hands down in front of you toward the heart, placing your palms together in prayer Mudra [ prayer position]
• breathe deeply for a few seconds

• untangle inner chaos
• see with better prespective
• focus your mind more effectively
• think more clearly
• learn more proficiently

4 - Crown Pull

• place your finger tips onto the crown or top of your head
• with some pressure, pull your hands and fingers apart toward your ears
• repeat this step, this time placing your finger tips onto the area in front of your crown
• with some pressure, pull your hands and fingers apart
• repeat, this time placing your finger tips onto the area behind your crown of your head
• with some pressure, pull your hands and fingers apart
• keep repeating this sequence several times, covering the back of the head and also the area just above your eyebrows

5 - Zipping Up

Similar to the chakras, which are your body's energy centers, meridians are energy pathways that emit both light and electromagnetic energy. These energies are referred to as subtle energies and are the key to energy medicine and healing.

When you are feeling fearful, sad or vulnerable, you may be picking up on other people's negative thoughts and energies. The central meridian that regulates your central nervous system runs like a zipper from your pubic bone up to your bottom lip. By tracing this pathway with the more subtle energies of your hands, you can draw energy along this line and zip it up. The Zip Up will help you to feel more confident and positive about yourself and your surroundings. It will enhance your inner strengths and assist you to think more clearly. It will also shield you from negative energies and thought forms.

• stand with your spine straight and legs hip width apart
• place your straight fingers and hands at your pubic bone
• slowly, inhale as you move your hands straight up the center of your body to your mouth
• exhale, placing your straight fingers and hands back to the pubic bone
• repeat five times, inhaling as you move your hands to your mouth
• This ends the six steps of your Daily Routine for keeping your energies humming.

6 – The Spinal Flush/Neurolymptics
This is a bit complicated, advice to refer to the book and DVD. I have not try this. ☺ A bit like 華陀捏脊法 ( which hubby usually does for me when I’m really sick.

Benefits Of The Energy Medicine Daily Routine
• each technique is simple to do
• restore energy when you are tired
• excellent for focus and concentration
• be more effective and alert
• stimulates all meridians and Chakra's
• boosts your lymphatic and immune systems, and removes toxins from your body
• increases your strength and vitality
• helps to balance your blood chemistry
• feel more balanced
• improves your coordination and proprioception
• untangles inner chaos and releases mental congestion
• able to see things with a different perspective
• learn more efficiently
• opens up the Chakra's
• gives you more confidence and a positive outlook
• helps to protect you

Excerpt from “Energy Medicine by Donna Eden & David Feinstein” pg. 60 - 86

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden & David Feinstein (能量醫療)
* Englisn & Chinese version & DVD – available in Lapis Lazuli Light Center
* English – Kinokuniya, KLCC

New book!
Energy Medicine For Women by Donna Eden
(this book is available in Kinokuniya but no DVD, got to buy online)

Healing the Whole Woman (Energy Medicine for Women) @ youtube


Quick & Easy Energy Exercises

Principles Of Energy Medicine

An Energy Practitioner’s Guide to Medical Emergencies

May all being be well, enjoy real peace, harmony and abundance of happiness!

with gratitude & love,


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