Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Global Call for Creative Thinking!

Lapis Lazuli Light Malaysia/Asia (琉璃光養生世界-身心靈整體健康) also have such group prayer/blessing.

It's 7:00 AM daily. Do join us, to save our mother Earth for our next generation!


deepest gratitude & love,


Global Call for Creative Thinking!
December 21 , 2008

8:00 P.M. Local time in your area.
It's time again! Please Join us, You DO make a difference.

We live in interesting times......

Since ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT it seems a good idea that we think of what we want rather than worrying about what might happen. Worry causes stress and feeds the problem. Focusing on what we want helps to bring it into reality.

In 2002 we started asking people to take a few minutes focusing their thoughts to raise the energy of the earth and their surroundings. Many of you have noticed the shift in energy after doing this.

By many people doing this at the same time, it adds power to our thoughts. It is what I call ''combining our mental resources.''

At 8 pm local time [wherever you are] we ask that you would spend a few minutes to visualize your world the way you would like it to be.
Use your emotions and create a 'feel' as if it already exist. Use your 5 senses, make it REAL.

You can use any method you choose for this pray, dance, sing, dowse, drum or whatever method you believe in.

There is no organization to join, no dues to pay, no leaders to follow. This is an effort to encourage people to independently create their own chosen reality.

My friend Faye writes a bit differently and here are her suggestions.

Where ever you are we ask you to join us and send energy of wholeness, purity, balance, and peace to the people, the Earth and her waters and air. The best way of sending out peace is to be in a place of peace in your heart, so do something that brings joy and peace to you and then simply think of these things with those feelings in your heart and you will send that energy out.

As you think about it, visualize the earth and those you love, being vibrant, pure, in peace and balance, doing the things they choose to do in joy, with respect for all other beings and things; the air clear, clean and refreshing; the water sparkling as it plays over the rocks, crystal clear and a wonderful environment for fish and plants and people to frolic in and have fun; with each and every person being their most authentic self, taking full responsibility for their own life and having respect for all others. See each being living life to the fullest, being fully aware and conscious, enjoying each moment of our existence here on the earth in harmony with nature and with each other.

These four dates tie in with the seasonal equinox and solstices. So remember, 8 pm, your local time, wherever you are in the world. Have fun! Let your heart sing!

There is no organizer or director for this effort.

We appreciate you for caring, and doing something about it. The future is ours to create NOW! Have fun doing it.

If you do nothing, nothing is going to happen, if you do something, something might happen, The Future is yours, do something about it!
~ Raymon Grace

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