Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Miracle of Fasting: 10 - 13 June 2007 by Man Ya Fa Shi (滿亞法師)

I just back from 3D2N Juicing Fasting Healing Camp lead by Man Ya Fa Shi ( 滿亞法師) last Sunday. Today will be my last day to complete my 7 days fasting. . I like 滿亞法師 style very much. Very simple and easy... Whether the participant (100 of us, coming fr SG, Penang, Ipoh etc) are Buddhist or Christian, everyone just love her sharing so so mcuh compare to other speakers that some are promoting their products or services.. heheh.

What 滿亞法師 (Man Ya Fa Shi) has shared with us are very close to the person I respect & admire, which they are the pioneer in natural/organic health since 1912 in USA - Paul & Patricia Bragg (father & daughter) share in their book " The Miracle of Fasting"

check this out:
The Miracle of Fasting

If you want to make a photocopy of the book, pls let me know..

Fasting – The Perfect Cleanser, Key to Internal Purification & Super Energy Awakens the Mind & Soul

Why Fast?
Water fasting eliminates addictions, bad habits and unhealthy thought patterns. During the fast, the palate recovers its natural sensitivity to simple foods. Salt, sugar, fats and processed foods become naturally unattractive. Fasting is an ideal time to be introspective and honest with oneself. It is conducive to quiet observation of thought patterns and values.

Free your body from disease or accumulated toxins.
Fasting is surgery without a knife. It allows nature and her healing power to take control of our being and do her cleansing and repair work. Fasting is a medical procedure, restoring homeostasis, strengthening the immune system and healing many illnesses eg. Cardiovascular disease, Gastrointestinal disorders, Diabetes, skin disease, Uterine fibroid tumors, Overcoming addictions, Rheumatoid arthritis etc

Free your mind from unnecessary boundaries.
Fasting is also an ancient spiritual practice, withdrawing the energy from doing and transferring it into being in the moment. Fasting takes us to our truth, allows old wounds to heal, addictions to fade, and our ego to die to be reborn into our spirit.

Fasting brings the ultimate rest.
Fasting provides a framework in which change is effortless and comes from the deep self.

Fasting may be practiced preventively to attain better health and longevity.
Please check out Bragg's book or other site for the benefit/case study of fasting...
"Fasting is the complete abstinence from all substances except water/juice, in an environment of total rest. Let's also keep in mind that fasting is only one part of the total health-supporting program we call Natural Hygiene."


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